I wanna write about how the developers becoming lazy in recent years.

A bunch of years ago If you need to send an email you will need to set up your own email servers, configure and code your own client. But now you could easily send emails using popular mailing APIs (eg: sendgrid, mailgun, …).

Or setting up a server took hours and days of work and research (aka Googling). But now instead of learning how to set up a VPS server, people just using PAAS services (eg: Heroku, Google App Engine, …) which saves lots of time but took lots of money.

In another case, I saw an NPM package that detects if the number is odd or even. Writing n%2 == 0 is that hard thing?

That’s good if you need to do something ASAP. But, if you’re a newbie developer I don’t suggest that. Because that makes you lazy. Your google search history will look like “…. API” or “…. Library” instead of “How to ….?”.

I’m not telling you that “Don’t use APIs or libraries!”. But, telling you that learn how it works at least if time doesn’t matter for you.

  • Creating or resizing images is not a hard thing, trust me!
  • Creating and filling marketing email templates is not a hard thing, trust me!
  • Writing your own APIs is not a hard thing, trust me!

Cons of …. as a Service APIs

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS is good but, do you really need to use a “super-duper” simple image resizing API which charges you $$ each month for your website?

Nah, if you don’t have a money tree! You wanted to use it because you’re a lazy guy! And each time you use them, your laziness raises.

  • It takes lots of money
  • Makes you a lazy guy
  • You become dependent on the service you’re using
  • Unable to modify the service as you want just because they haven’t rolled out that feature

_aaS are good for businesses (but not always)

When you’re running a business sometimes your time matters more than the money. In that case, using _aaS is the perfect choice than writing your own code. Because that takes time which is expensive than the cost of the _aaS.

But using _aaS services is risky for businesses, too. Because you become dependent on the service. When the service becomes offline, your service becomes offline too. Then you start losing money for each second the service you’re using is offline. For big businesses this is a huge problem, that’s why they are writing their own libraries, APIs instead of using another popular existing _aaS services.