As of now I’ve decided to stop working on some projects completely. Firstly I’m no longer going to work on a programming language. The decision might be obvious, but to elaborate a bit, simply I’m not capable of getting everything done for making what I wanted to build in the first place. I can cut some corners to make it possible, but then it won’t be what I wanted to build. I just underestimated the project scale. I just thought writing a compiler and a runtime would be enough, but I completely skipped over the important part - developer experience. The main reason I wanted to create it was because I was not satisfied with the experience of working with other languages. But if I were to create mine, its experience would probably be even worse. I didn’t have capability to create language analyzer, integration for text editor or make it something that I would want to work with. I didn’t have capability to write a decent standard library despite I’m annoyed that how rust stdlib is less feature complete than most other systems (that’s understandable tho, but I don’t prefer that for my own reasons). By the way even tho it might seem like I didn’t worked on language implementation that much, I’ve actually spend quite some time to experiment different things, or improve existing code. But I didn’t published it to public github repository. Anyways, in short I’m deciding to no longer spend time on writing code for programming language. I just want to make my head clear to make space for some new thoughts.

Aside from personal “toy” programming language implementation, in last months I’ve also decided to completely stepping down from my last entrepreneurship attempt at Fonibo. For various reasons we’ve failed keep the project sustainable and with my co-founder and other stakeholders, decided to step away from it and all the existing stuff is merged with a local cargo company.

If you want to know “why?”, the reason is a bit complicated, and it’s not right to share confidential business stuff publicly.

Is it worth it? For me, totally worth it. I got so much experience from working on Fonibo than anything I could get from studying for same time interval. Also I’ve meet so much great people along the way, learned so much stuff that otherwise I couldn’t, crashed production down a few times that teach me some important lessons. Also I learned that it’s hard af to do entrepreneurship without right conditions.

So I’ll probably take those things into account on my next attempts. But for now, I just want to take some break, it was really stressing, and I just don’t want to go same way again and do same mistakes.

Additionally I’m going to reconsider some of my involvement with open-source projects, and will probably archive projects that I’m not interested to continue working on. I just want to clear my head and focus on what’s important for now.

Anyways, that’ll be just a small status update post. I’m planning to write a bit more “useful” stuff in near future.