I was having a regular day. Just before it hit 10pm, I got somewhat bored at home. I didn’t know how to keep myself engaged. For a moment I had lost the joy out of the life. Then I decided to go out and have some walk while listening to some music on headphones. So I did. While having walk I wanted to take some photos and do some experiments with it. To be honest photography is one of the things I want to get good at eventually. That’s why I am trying to photoshoot every moment I find that might be interesting. I try to find a good angles, interesting frames, weird viewpoints and all the other stuff that might worth looking at.

Just a small note that, those photos are probably not that good. Even probably worse than an average photo on your own gallery, but I don’t care. Really. All I wanted is to take photos that seemed good to me, so I can compare them a few years later and see if I learned a thing or two during that time period. Less talking, let’s dive into those photos.

Found this cool, Can’t think of any caption tho

A photo from the POV of a bench after a rainy day. Looks kind of like a road. A road with turns and twists. Just like a life huh…

bench on a weird POV

Stairs to the Enlightenment

I wish the photo itself was as cool as the caption…


I don’t know why I have done this

I might have just found this cool, I am not sure, but here we are! At first it looked interesting, but now that I take it another look, it’s kinda boring. I like greens, so that’s a thing (not the color, purple is my favourite one, but I like greens as grass or leaves of trees).

close capture of the bushes

A wooden bird house

I am not sure if it’s actually called a “bird house” or not. I am not even sure if the thing on the photo is actually a functional bird house or just a prop. Take a look and scroll to the next one I guess…

a wooden birdhouse

I found this frame cool

Nature inspires me a lot to continue living. There’s a lot to be discovered, yet we are very busy within our own heads with small problems we create ourselves. Meanwhile nature out there making wonders, continuously living and dying. Just like us, maybe?

trees and some bushes

An empty park

Actually, it wasn’t empty when I got there. However, during shooting this frame there wasn’t nobody around. I wish I would’ve put more effort into creating symmetry while shooting this one. I tried, but I was trying to not seem weird to the people walking around.

a park with empty benches

An empty bench after the rain

With a bit of color correction this pic might have actually looked much better. I am too lazy to deal with that though. I kind of started liking taking photos from close-up angles though.

an empty bench after a rainy day

Boy, do I like taking close-up bench photos

Same as above, I liked this one a lot more though.

another empty bench after a rainy day

Taking photos had a bit of weird effect on me, it gave me a purpose for a moment. Made my moments joyful again. I guess it is not about the act of taking photos, but creating something. Creating, being creative is a wonderful thing one can achieve.

I think that’s also the reason why I like writing software, especially during the design phrase. Drawing weird flow charts that doesn’t make any sense to 3rd person, imagining a complex system, connecting the dots, finally solving that bug that’s been lying there for months, creating a “genius” one-liners, getting sh*t done in one night. It’s all about creating stuff, putting something out there. Contributing to community? Maybe it’s because we feel entitlet do put out a value into our community so we would feel more accepted by our tribe. Perhaps this might be part of our survival instinct? It’s late o’clock right now unfortunately, I would have dig deeper into this otherwise.

Lastly I know that some (alright, most… all? ok) of those photos will look like a crap. So what? You have just spent about 2-3 minutes of your life reading suff that’s been written by a random dude. You did that by choice. It was your own will to start reading this, and it was my own will to take those crappy photos. Why? Belive me, I don’t even now. I just enjoyed the process. Maybe the music I have been listening (it was mostly soundtracks from the games I have played) did hypnotized me so that I didn’t cared enough to do something else but take photos. I don’t know how I am still able to come up with words to continue this blog post even further. In fact I don’t know anything. That’s the only thing I am sure about. I don’t have any piece of information that I am 100% sure of. I don’t know what I am supposed to do. I don’t know when I am supposed to end this post. I don’t know what should I do next. I don’t know how to live the life itself. I don’t know where to steer the wheel. I don’t…


I didn’t expected this post to turn out something philosophical like that, but I am glad it did. Take care! 🤞