Here's which tools I use when creating stuff. Actually there's nothing interesting here.


  • Asus Vivo Book F510UA - My main development machine
  • Cloud - I also like to rent servers from cloud providers whenever I need to do something that needs time or resources. I don't stick to any of them, I just choose any provider based on my money, time and mental state. Also in that way I get more experience at the end.
  • Windows 10 - Well, I'm not rich enough to use MacOS yet. Also I like to play games on my PC.
  • Chrome - because I want to keep my phone and laptop in sync with each other, especially passwords.


  • Pocket - Using Pocket to save bookmarks and read website content on clean interface.


  • Nightingale Rest Client - I've used Postman and Insomnia previously, but I hate electron apps because they are using too much system resources and freezes sometimes. So one day I found this app and I'm using it.
  • WSL 2 - As a developer I need to run Linux commands or apps to do something. Windows Subsystem for Linux version 2 gives me what I need.
  • Windows Terminal - Terminal app for windows as its name tells. It supports tabs and I can use both native (eg: CMD, PS Core) and WSL shells.
  • Termius - SSH manager, using it to connect to remote servers.


  • Visual Studio - Main IDE I'm using for writing, debugging and managing .NET projects.
  • Android Studio - the tool I'm using to heat up my room during winter. I'm using Android Studio for debugging mobile apps.
  • Visual Studio Code - I'm using VS Code for writing frontend code.
  • IntelliJ IDEA - Currently using only for maintaining databases (using Data Grip plugin).


  • Steam - As I said before I like playing videogames (especially story based games). I'm using Steam as my game launcher and library.

Cloud based

  • App Center - Continuous integration & deployment for mobile apps.
  • GitHub - Main git hosting website. I'm also using GitHub's Actions to automate stuff.