Hi, I’m Misir. I write software to make living and sometimes just for fun.

I like designing systems and eventually building them if I left with enough motivation to do so. This blog does not have any primary subject or target audience as of writing this article. I generally write whatever comes off to my mind usually during the mid-night.

As a software engineer I like finding ways to write simple solutions for complex problems. After hating it for years, I finally convinced myself that I actually like Rust™ and planning to write more stuff using it. By the way this statement is not endorsed by the Rust™ Foundation.

I built and failed a logistics & marketplace start-up called Fonibo. Despite failure, it was the primary contributor for my career and personal development from learning various technologies to coming over my social anxieties.

Currently, I am working at BP as a Software Engineer.

What more?

Aside from engineering, I like physics, philosophy and music. First two subjects lets me wonder how stuff around us actually works and interacts with each other. Since we haven’t really found answers for many questions, philosophy will stay there to provide various ways to think about those problems we yet to solve.

And music helps me to disconnect from the reality and wander off to unknown thought trains. After dealing with lots of logical problems on top of life problems, having a way to clean one’s mind can be really peaceful experience. I started learning piano in 2022 and willing to try out more stuff going forward. I will post some of my piano performance on my YouTube channel.

How to connect?

The best way to reach out me would be to write an email at me at themisir.com. You can reach out me to ask questions, suggest something, provide a feedback about this blog or write whatever you want. I regularly check mailbox and hopefully, I will respond back shortly. If you were to reach out to promote your product, I will probably never use it, so, no spamming please.

Please, don’t call me if you have my phone number. I really hate phone calls unless it’s life or death situation and there’s a chance that you would get a response much quicker if you wrote an email instead.

This is already too long for an about page of someone who doesn’t deserve to have one.