Hi, I’m Misir. I write software to make living; and sometimes just for fun.

I like designing and building software systems. Working on system level software systems and tools makes my day joyful. I listen to classic music, some jazz, sometimes rock and metal; any kind of music in general. but classic piano is preferred!

I can parse regular expressions on my head. I enjoy writing Rust code and forcing myself to work within the its bounds. This statement is not endorsed by the Rust™ Foundation.

Even though I don’t like working with humans that much, I like building businesses and seeing ideas become reality (and fail..). I built (and failed) a logistics & marketplace start-up called Fonibo. Despite its failure, it was the primary contributor to my career and personal development. Working at Fonibo taught me various technologies and doing so while having to look after limited set of resources. Most importantly it helped me to overcome my social anxieities. It also helped me to build my network.

Currently, I am working at BP, maintianing their proprietary message queue solution for their internal systems. I would love to talk more about it, but I am too lazy to read my contract.

What more?

Aside from engineering, I also enjoy exploring Physics (light, waves, particles, quantum stuff, astronomy, universe, etc…); Physicology - because I like to know how human brain works. I like discussing philosophical stuff with my mates. I started learning Piano on Septeber of 2022, mainly focused on classical pieces. I also got into photography with the help of my friends. I am hoping that photography may give me enough purpose to start exploring different places with the excuse of photographing them.

Stuff I have

  • I use MacBook Pro 16" 2019 model for work and daily use
  • I use Raspbery Pi 4 for running home server (a few automations, chat bots and stuff)
  • I shoot with Canon M50 Mark II
  • I currently own two prime lenses: Canon 50mm/1.4, Sigma 16mm/1.4
  • I got no pets for now..

How to connect?

The best way to reach out me would be to write an email at me at themisir.com. You can reach out me to ask questions, suggest something, provide a feedback about this blog or write whatever you want. I regularly check mailbox and hopefully, I will respond back shortly. If you were to reach out to promote your product, I will probably never use it, so, no spamming please.

Please, don’t call me if you have my phone number. I really hate phone calls unless it’s life or death situation and there’s a chance that you would get a response much quicker if you wrote an email instead.

This is already too long for an about page of someone who doesn’t deserve to have one.