There’s something about humans that makes them unique. Yet we usually try to get rid of them for some reason. Minor imperfections, small flaws we’ve all got. The humble touch gives a humane feel to stuff we made and make. It’s all the small mistakes that made “Mona Lisa” so special. You can’t get the same feeling when you look at perfectly drawn computer-generated imagery. They are usually missing a small human touch, minor mistakes we all make that make amazing end results.

Why on earth do we all are trying to be perfect if our imperfection is what makes us - humans so special? Maybe we don’t like how we have been built? Or maybe we do know that we can’t reach a perfect “perfection” point, but making our mistakes a lot smaller might be the point we’re trying to reach. The things we make would be a lot more perfect in a way, while still having the humane feeling we thought a perfect art might be lacking. Maybe, the less subtle the imperfection is the more impressive it becomes. Who knows? (Seriously, if you know any research or book related to this behavior, I would love to read it to learn more about the subject).

Anyway, next time when you see your imperfection, just remember that’s just a sign that you - a human being made it. It’s kind of like your signature. You don’t have to be ashamed of mistakes or imperfections you’ve made :)